Tis' the Season!

By Aimee Comanicci and Aryana Nazem

Staff Writers


Tis’ the season to be jolly, singing holiday songs, and spending time with family. With Hanukkah starting on Dec. 16, and Christmas looming on Dec. 25, Jamesville-DeWitt High School students and staff are just counting down the days. From sweet desserts and ice skating to rocking out to your favorite holiday songs, these two holidays really bring out the traditions and families together.

There are many family traditions during the holiday season. “Every year we frost tons of cookies with our cousins,” said junior Teresa Werbowsky. “My cousins, aunts, and uncles all come over on Christmas Eve and we do a gift exchange,” said sophomore Julia Cavanaugh. Sophomore Jenna Fagut’s family hosts a holiday party every year because they celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas. A popular tradition with many students at J-DHS is going to Lights On the Lake at Onondaga Lake Park.

Christmas and Hanukkah are holidays that bring families together and also empty out our wallets. Some J-DHS students aren’t asking for much this year and others want Santa to splurge. Sophomore Zoe Pipines identified her number one item on her wishlist: “clothes and more clothes!” Sophomore Alex Catanzarite wants a mannequin head to play with and do its hair. “I want anything music related, like iTunes gift cards and DJ turn tables,” said sophomore Jenna Fagut. Other students aren’t asking for much, like senior Brian Cieplicki who’s asking for a Hughie Stone Fish CD and a pair of glasses. “I’m very thankful for everything I have and I’m not going to ask for anything this Hanukkah,” said senior Molly Kantrowitz.

A gift for many students is just being off from school and they have already planned how they will be spending their break. “I'm probably going to hang out with my friends, go sledding and try ice skating,” said Kantrowitz. Cieplicki is heading to Vermont to visit family but when he comes back he plans on “hitting” the basketball courts. Some students are planning on going away this break after visiting family to catch the southern sunshine. “I’m really excited because I’m going on a cruise with my family to Bahamas,” said Fagut. Pipines plans to fly to Florida to visit her grandma and spend her time in the sun visiting all her family in Florida. “Hanging out with my kids and catching up on sleep and work,” is what English teacher Terri Eaton wants to accomplish with her days off.  All of the J-DHS students are eager to visit family but also ready to have fun with their extra time off.

All throughout the season, Christmas music is played and J-DHS students have favorites. Out of 35 students, 28 cite “All I Want For Christmas” by Mariah Carey as their favorite song. Other songs that were favorites includedFrosty the Snowmanand “Let it Snow.”

From J-DHS Rampage, stay safe and warm and happy holidays!