What do students want to see in the school store?

By Erica Noble

Staff Writer

Many students throughout the Jamesville-DeWitt High School want the School Store to expand the items that they sell. The majority of J-DHS students wanted the School Store to sell clothes. These students must of been happily surprised when the School Store announced their plan to sell JD clothing.

Students at J-DHS represent their school every day by wearing clothing with JD logos. But many students feel as if the school store should help spread the JD spirit by selling clothes. “I think they should sell JD items that show school spirit,” said junior Aliyah MacCrindly. MacCrindly suggested they sell Red Ram pinnies. Freshman Andrew Pan agrees with MacCrindly and says the School Store should sell clothing that “represents our school.” “They should sell socks that say JD on it.” said Pan. Junior Owen Volk went on with Pan’s idea and suggested that they sell JD ties for boys.

School spirit isn’t the only reason why the students of J-DHS wants the school store to sell clothes. Students believe that by selling clothes the School Store will be able to help students. “They need to sell shorts because if some students forget their gym shorts at home, they can just buy some at the school store instead of not being able to do gym class,” said sophomore David Singh. Freshman Paige Petrell agrees with Singh. “They should definitely consider selling some cheap clothes because you could spill something on your shirt and then you would need to buy a new shirt and the school store is right there so if they sold clothes that would be really helpful.” said Petrell. Freshman John Wheeler and Petrell both said that if the school store sold sweatpants they would “definitely buy a pair.”

Students at J-DHS don’t want the school store just to sell clothing. A few students would like the school store to sell JD style notebooks. “I’ve forgotten my notebook so many times this year. It would be nice to have a backup notebook in case I leave mine at home,”said freshman Kasey McDonough. Junior Zoe Hylan agrees with McDonough. Hylan adds in that selling JD notebooks at school would be “useful and practical.” Freshman Leah Netti also agrees with Hylan when it comes to selling notebooks at school. “The school store should sell notebooks because you might need one for class or you might run out of paper,” said Netti.

The J-DHS students wait eagerly for their preferred items to come to their school store.