J-DHS Drama Show 2014 Looms

By Sabina Hodzic and Carly Stone

Staff Writers


As always, the Jamesville-DeWitt High School Drama Club will be putting on the annual Drama Show, but this year, there’s a twist; this year’s show should draw a larger crowd than past performances. In hopes of decreasing costs for the audience, the Drama Club has decided to have one in-school performance rather than night shows at the end of the week.

Since May is busy with prom, APs, and sporting events, the availability of students could be effected and limit the audience numbers. The advisers thought this would be the best option and not only would it bring in a larger crowd, it would limit costs for the club and students. “We brought the show to the student population,” says English teacher and Drama Club adviser Joe Goldberg.

The ability to practice their plays in front of a real audience the weekend of May 2 at SUNY Oswego has increased the Drama Club’s readiness for their May performance. As they do each year, the club will perform a show for the Jamesville-DeWitt community, but this year, with a slight difference.

As a group, the club traveled to Oswego and participate in the festivities that were a “blast” according to Mr. Goldberg. The field trip aimed to improve the actors’ understanding of drama and their acting skills. In order to do so, the college provided workshops that were taught by college professors. Following the sessions, the students participated in a drama competition between all visiting schools.

Senior Wryann Ross said the Oswego field trip was bittersweet. “It was a great experience” said Ross, but since it is her last chance to perform in the J-DHS’s drama show, it was sad as well. “It was a great opportunity and a good learning experience”, said junior Celeste Torres.

Each school is allowed one play entry that lasts around 20 minutes, whether it is an excerpt or complete play. J-DHS was lucky enough to perform their entire play since it is 20 minutes in length. This year’s story will be a psychological or “Freudian” twist on “The Wizard of Oz.” J-DHS walked away with good reviews as their show was “widely regarded as the best show,” said Mr. Goldberg.

The cast will also perform three more plays in addition to the “Wizard of Oz”. The other three will be J-DHS student-written plays, which include two Syracuse Stage Young Playwright Festival award winners. The main show, “The Wizard of Oz,” will last around 20 minutes, while the others range around 10 minutes. “Dinner Time,” a 2013 award winner, by junior Cortney Vaughan will be performed by the club as well as plays by former J-DHS students Mari Eimas-Dietrich, “It’s Not Funny”, and JJ Davis, “Adventure and Miscommunication”.

Ross, the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, has high hopes for the performance despite the typical nerves. She wants everything to run smoothly so she can wrap up her career with a success.