Spring Fashion Is In

By Armauni Allen

Staff Writer

As this year’s spring season approaches, the weather gets warmer and students at Jamesville-DeWitt High School are starting to adapt their wardrobes to the warmer temperatures. Styles go in and out every year and this year is no different.

The female students at J-DHS agree that high-waisted shorts, crop tops and Converse shoes are “in style.” ‘’I like bright colors and pretty designs,” says freshman Sophia Pluff. She also leans toward buying crop tops and ‘’free-spirited’’ clothing. “I think that I’m pretty easygoing, so I like things that flow,’’ says Pluff. Senior Albania Mitchell says that crop tops and high-waisted shorts are necessary for spring. Female students seem to favor sandals and Toms. Freshman Lexi Wynn agrees. ’’I like wearing Toms and sandals in the spring. I hate when my feet get sweaty from sneakers;  I like to be comfortable when it gets hot out,” she says.

For the male students of J-DHS, the Nike Roshe runs seem to be the popular shoe for the spring. With the weather getting warmer, people need shoes that are not only comfortable but look good with any outfit. The Roshe run is a low-top sneaker, with a sub-$100 price tag, that is good for both running and fashion. Another popular pick is the classic boat shoe. Boat shoes, typically the Sperry brand, are often worn in warm weather and serve as a comfortable alternative to sneakers or boots. Low-cut sneakers are usually popular in summer, but with the new designs from the Asics G-Lyte series and New Balance 574, people have been lacing up “lows” more often now. Senior David Antosh believes that Asics are “really nice.” ‘’They have stepped their game up,” says Antosh; “I also think people will be wearing a lot of Air Jordans in the spring.’’ “Asics aren't bad,” claims junior Adrian Autry, “but personally I wouldn’t wear them. I’m trying to bring Vans back.’’

Short-sleeve shirts and collared shirts are popular springtime clothing items for J-DHS students. ‘’Preppy or die,’’ says senior Chris Wood. “’I’m going to stick to Sperry’s, shorts way above the knees, bright colors, pastel shorts, and a lot of Vineyard Vines.’’ Sophomore Grayson Burns agrees with Wood, saying Vineyard Vines is a “dope look.” “I like the colors they have for the spring, and some of the different styles they have are unique and cool,’’ says Burns. Sophomore Tariq Evans claims that “the prep look isn’t my style but it looks dope so I’ll try it out.’’ The ‘’preppy’’ look seems to be popular amongst the male students at J-DHS, but some people disagree. Senior Ellie Sukoenig believes that ’’polo’s on guys are ugly.’’ Sukoenig also adds,’’I hate when they wear the bright colored shorts with a different color shirt. It’s so ugly’.’

In the end, students wear what’s most comfortable for them so they can perform their best in the classroom. People often get caught up in who’s wearing what but what’s important is that people wear what they like and what’s ‘’cool’’ for them. Keeping up with the latest trends is always a thing people try to do but putting their own spin on it is what makes the change continuous. Individualism is what makes J-DHS unique.