Coffee and Tea and Hot Chocolate... Oh My!

By Maddie Scullion and Eva Dougherty 
Staff Writers


As the cold and winter season approach, summertime drinks are becoming less common. Now, hot beverages are more in season. For students and teachers at Jamesville- DeWitt High School, hot chocolate, coffee and tea are three wintertime drinks that people love. The big question is...Which drink is better?

Hot chocolate seems to be the most popular among the three. Some students, including senior Kyle Glauber and junior Haley Ripich, like their hot chocolate year round. Spanish teacher Henry Cline disagrees, explaining how there is a different time and place for each drink.

Various shops such as Dunkin Donuts, Tim Hortons, Brueggers and Starbucks are hot spots to get these drinks. However, most people like to make their hot chocolate at home. Freshman Alex Frank’s favorite place to purchase her hot chocolate is from Dunkin Donuts. “It’s perfect. It’s like milky and chocolatey at the same time,” said Frank. Freshman Aimee Comanici loves Tim Hortons hot chocolate because “it’s rich and the powder is completely dissolved.” Sophomore Hannah Schayes’s favorite place to get hot chocolate is Starbucks. “I just like the taste of it better,” says Schayes. Laura Bond, guidance counselor, says her homemade hot chocolate is her favorite thing to have after coming inside from playing out in the snow with her kids.

For some students hot chocolate just isn’t enough. They like to add creamers and toppings. Senior Maggie Austin likes to put vanilla ice cream on top of her hot chocolate, and sophomore Hailey Harrigan likes to put hazelnut coffee creamer in it. Marshmallows are a necessity when making hot chocolate for some, like student teacher Samantha Schnapper, who likes milk chocolate flavor with lots of marshmallows. “(It’s) usually good with whipped cream, too,” said junior Ben Vahey. Renee Palladino, guidance center secretary, says her hot chocolate must be made with milk.

Coffee is another love among J-DHS students. Junior Hannah Gibson likes Mocha Lattes from Starbucks. Sophomore Owen Volk likes homemade coffee, “year round, definitely!” he said. Sophomore Taylor Peters likes Starbucks coffee; “it wakes me up in the morning.” Freshman Jamie Rieger loves Starbucks as well. “They have really cool drinks that are like super sugary and they don’t actually taste like coffee,” said Rieger. Science teacher Kevin Sommer says he is “addicted” to Tim Hortons coffee. Like many hot chocolate lovers, sophomore Teresa Werbowsky said that she drinks coffee because she loves the creamer. “My favorite is french vanilla,” she said. 
Tea, described as “delightful” by junior Brian Cieplicki, is a hot drink often forgotten by the students. However, a few students, like Cieplicki, like tea best. Cieplicki likes to order raspberry tea from Starbucks. Junior Tal Frieden likes to get chai lattes from a tea shop downtown. Frieden also has a favorite tea shop called David’s Tea Shop in New York City. Freshman Aryana Nazem is another tea fan. Nazem likes Chamomile, Lemon and Honey tea the best. Sophomore David Petrela likes Chinese tea.

Whether you like the creamy taste of hot chocolate, savory flavor of coffee or the sweet taste of tea you should think about giving each one of these drinks a try this year.