One Huge Step For Our Future

Staff Writer

Maeve Dougherty

Although the transition from eighth to ninth grade can be overwhelming, many freshman can tell you the change from middle school to high school is not as bad as it may seem. Most kids are stressed out at the beginning, but once they get a routine down high school become easier.

Many students describe the transition as being tough at first, but routines make work loads much easier. “Once you get into a routine, everything gets so much better,” said freshman Mya Nicotra. We won’t lie and say that going into high school is perfectly easy. Anyone who’s gone through the transition knows that it’s not. However, getting help after school with teachers during activity period is how many students keep up with their work.

Staying on top of homework is a big part of high school success. Due to block scheduling, students have two days to complete homework assignments. “Don’t procrastinate on your homework, do it the first day you get it.” said Lauren Parker. “Definitely do your homework the day you get it.” said Josh Aitken. If you can’t complete an assignment in one night, then you always have the next night to finish it as well.

Many current freshman who participate in school sports teams noticed that being a part of a team can help with feeling comfortable in the high school. For some, teammates can help you find your way around the school. “My teammates walked me around the school before it started,” said freshman Sophia Ferris. “You get to know the upperclassmen and you always have a friendly face in the hallways, which is really nice,” said freshman Emily Gorzynski. Along with getting to know other people in the school, joining a sports team can also help with time management. “You have to schedule your time good to have enough time to do your homework,” said freshman Timmy Scheftic.

Overall, the transition to High School can be difficult, but it’s not all as bad as it seems.