Ways to Stay Busy in Syracuse Over the Summer

Lucas Bort, Reinaldo Colon, and Michael Bratslavsky

Staff Writers


The final bell is approaching fast, and students who have worked hard all year are ready to be released. With the weather no longer freezing, there are many activities around Syracuse for students to do over their summer vacation.

Taking a mental break after the long school year ends is a big part of students’ summers. Relaxing is a top priority for many. “I just want to be away from school,” said freshman Thomas Sabatino. “I’m gonna sit around a lot, then travel to Slovakia, and then come back and sit around some more,” said freshman Andrej Dovciak.

If it isn’t snowing, there are various activities that you can do outside. “I’m gonna go biking, do some fishing, tennis,” said social studies teacher Vitaliy Yanchuk, who loves to be outdoors in the summer. Senior Ben Fleet said he plans on hiking a lot and having a lot of campfires. Other activities that can be fun and relaxing are grilling and swimming.

July 4 is a day when lots of students and staff spend time with friends and family, which is a great way to stay entertained. Biology teacher Samantha Ross will be meeting with her sister and family that day. Sophomore Riya Sharma plans to be with her friends that day as well. “We have a ball, we always roast s’mores,” said Sharma who loves to do these things with her friends every year.

The Jamesville-DeWitt High School Varsity and JV Soccer teams also have a summer league that many of the players will participate in. Dovciak looks forward to participating in the games.  Sophomore Aakash Yalamanchili said that his favorite part about summer is the J-DHS summer league. He plans on working out and conditioning before the games start to get him ready to play.

The New York State Fair is also an attraction that comes to Syracuse, so visiting that for a day can be very fun. Freshman Keeley Riley and Ms. Ross will be going there during the summer as well. Riley said that going to the fair is by far her favorite thing to do in Syracuse.


Many students at J-DHS also have travel plans. Junior Allia Mitchell is going to Chicago this summer to watch a baseball game. Sharma is going to Italy for a vacation with her family. Fleet said that he may be traveling to Cape Cod and spending time with family there.

Students aren’t the only ones that have exciting plans for the summer.  Many teachers have things to look forward to. Science teacher Kevin Sommer looks forward to spending a lot of time with his children. “I like to take my kids on adventures,” said Mr. Sommer who goes fishing, hiking, and to the Herkimer Diamond Mines with his kids. Mr. Yanchuck plans on renovating a house he recently bought as well as taking a week-long vacation.

Summer is a great time to unwind and have fun, so be sure to enjoy any activities after a long and tiring school year.