JD Students Prepare for a Long Haul

Momo LaClair and Paige Stepanian

Staff Writers/ Photographers

With seven more weeks until spring vacation, the students here at Jamesville-DeWitt High School still have a long way to go until break.

Many students are struggling to accept the amount of time they have to spend in school before April 21, the beginning of spring break. “It’s going to be hard to get through this long stretch without a break,” said sophomore Lucy Falso. “It’ll be extra difficult right before break because of the end of the marking period,” said freshman Kailey McKenna. Marking Period 3 ends April 13, and report cards will be sent out April 20. Many teachers will be giving tests and projects and submitting students’ final grades right before break. “I’m going to be studying a lot, staying after with teachers and petting my dog to deal with all the stress,” said freshman Olivia Norden.

With lunch being the majority of students’ favorite part of the day, staying motivated in the classroom will be hard. However, some students have thought of coping strategies to keep them focused this next month. “Playing basketball and working our hardest to make it back to states will keep me going,” said sophomore Gabby Stickle, member of the Jamesville-DeWitt Varsity Girls Basketball team. Also, with spring right around the corner, spring sports are in full swing. “I’ll be happy to play baseball even though school will be tough,” said freshman Matthew Alexander. Spring also means the countdown until graduation has begun. “The fact that I’m a senior and graduating in like 15 weeks will make these next few weeks go by a little quicker,” said senior Payton Riley.

The spring weather is also a factor that may motivate some students. “When I wake up in the winter I’m mad because it’s freezing cold out but now that it’s getting warmer, it’ll be better,” said sophomore Payton Shumpert. On the other hand, some students see the warm weather as another reason on why they don’t want to be in school. “It’ll make me want to get out of school and go outside,” said Lucy Falso.

Although there’s still a long time until our next vacation, we do have March 23 and March 30 off due to Superintendent’s Conference Day and Good Friday. To the students at J-DHS: Hang in there!!