March Madness Winds Down

Momo LaClair and Paige Stepanian

Staff Writers and Photographers

As March Madness winds down, so does all of the fun that comes with it. Throughout what feels like the longest month of the year, students and staff at Jamesville-DeWitt High School participated in many different activities including the bracket challenge and the door decorating contest.

The bracket challenge is still ongoing with three teachers at the top of the leaderboard. In first place is English and Journalism teacher Trinity Conner. Following her lead is Health teacher Melissa Moore and in third place is Guidance Counselor Denise Becher. However, Ms. Becher doesn’t plan on staying in third for long. “I always expect to win,” said Ms. Becher. Ms. Becher has a strategy for selecting her teams and puts a lot of thought into each pick. “I like to pick some upsets for smaller teams and then obviously some no.1 seeds.” With Villanova winning her bracket, Ms.Becher has a good chance of winning the challenge because of their success in the tournament so far. “(Villanova) got bumped out early last year, which I think gives them a lot more motivation to do better this year,” she said.

For many students, the bracket challenge was a bust. In the NCAA tournament this year there were a lot of upsets, which ruined people’s brackets. “Two of the teams I had in the Final Four are already out,” said freshman Xavier Plourde, after the round of 32. One of the many upsets that busted brackets was when the No.11 seed, Syracuse University Men’s Basketball Team beat the No. 3 seed, Michigan State. However for Plourde, this was good news because he had Syracuse going to the Elite Eight. SU advanced to the Sweet Sixteen, but fell to Duke 69-65.

Although Duke may have beat SU in the tournament, that wasn’t the case for the door decorating contest. Señorita Santos and her homeroom represented Syracuse and took the contest to a whole other level. Instead of just decorating the door, they created a mini court outside of their room and had cheese puffs and clementines available. They won Best Door and a breakfast for their decorating skills from the Corporate Communications class who sponsored the contest. Donuts and orange juice were provided for the students. Señora DeJesus and her homeroom represented Duke and won the award of Most Hated Nemesis. Freshman Emmett Follett was very instrumental in the process of choosing a team and made sure students brought in enough money to have a choice on what team they picked. They ended up raising $46. The homeroom wanted a team that would go far in the tournament, and that is what Duke did.

The participation in the March Madness activities this year was better than ever before. Let’s make it even better next year!