J-D Students Take On the Rap Game

Staff Writer

Johnny Keib

The Soundcloud is an audio distribution platform that has blown up over the past few years. Rappers from all around the world have used Soundcloud as a stepping stone toward fame. Grammy Award winner Chance the Rapper started off on Soundcloud. He still posts his newest songs on Soundcloud. Within the Jamesville-DeWitt High School community there are several up and coming rappers hoping to follow in the steps of Chance.

One of these people is sophomore Leah “Savage Lele” Nagar. Nagar has two songs out right now on Soundcloud. She first started rapping when she saw that her ex boyfriend Caleb “Lil Cozy” Fleming was in the game. “I like to rap, too. I’m just going to start freestyling and see if I can come up with some good songs and I dropped some,” said Nagar.  Even though Nagar enjoys rapping now, she does not see herself doing it as a profession in the future.

junior rapper "T-Flex"

junior rapper "T-Flex"

Caleb “Lil Cozy” Fleming was the first rapper to put his songs on Soundcloud at J-DHS. He is also the most famous. Cozy’s song “Never Going Back” has been listened to almost 5,000 times on Soundcloud. Fleming followed an unconventional route to his rapping career. The first rapping he ever did was when he was attending Nottingham High School. At lunch, he and a few of his friends would have friendly “rap battles.” A rap battle is when two people or groups of people make fun of each other in rap form. Fleming liked this so much that he thought he should make his own song. In the future Fleming hopes to rap a profession. “It would be the best job in the world,” said Fleming.

Another rapper at J-DHS is Alexis “Lil Gambo” Gambacorto. She first burst onto the rap scene when she was featured in a song with Savage Lele called “Dipset remix.” Lil Gambo is interesting because of her style. She raps with a pace that is almost relaxing while she talks about her feelings. “It makes the rap more real,” said Gambacorto. Gambacorto first took inspiration from Drake, her favorite rapper.

The newest rapper on Soundcloud from J-DHS is Evan “OG Miles” Allen. Just this past week he released his first song on Soundcloud called “Jekyll & Hyde.” His favorite part about rapping is telling a story. “I enjoy telling a story in the form of art and music and in a way it conveys a message to people.”

Junior Tim “T-Flex” Skeval is relatively new to the scene. According to Skeval the best part about rapping is “spitting bars and getting the ladies.” If you want to find him on Soundcloud he is on the page for M&J Productions. Later on Tim aspires to be a world renowned rapper “I will be famous someday,” said Skeval.

senior rapper "Lil Gambo" (left) sitting with sophomore rapper "Savage Lele"

senior rapper "Lil Gambo" (left) sitting with sophomore rapper "Savage Lele"

The J-DHS community has its fair share of rappers who all have hopes of becoming famous someday. With the talent they possess it wouldn’t be surprising to see one of them performing in front of a sold out crowd leaving J-DHS alumni with their jaw dropped thinking I know him.