11 Things to Do Locally Over Winter Break

Lucas Bort, Michael Bratslavsky, and Reinaldo Colon

Staff Writers      

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Many students are staying in Syracuse during February break, and need things to occupy their time besides doing homework. Even though Syracuse isn’t the biggest city, there are numerous attractions that can keep you entertained for days on end.

Number 1/2: One hot spot for students over break is Destiny USA. There are lots of entertaining things to do there such as arcades, go-karts, shopping, and more. “It’s a good place to hang around and there’s a lot to do there,” said freshman James Saroney. One of the most popular things is to go to the movies. Watching a couple of films an be an eventful way to spend your afternoon.

Number 2/3: Some students like sophomore Simon Lesser, recommend taking small day trips all around New York. There are nice towns to drive to see some shops, or just to enjoy the scenery. The shops and boutiques that you can go to will make your day more exciting.

Number 4: The community at Jamesville-DeWitt High School is usually very busy when school is in session because of sports, homework, and club activities. Taking some time to go out to lunch or dinner is something that many people will be doing with their free time. “I’m really hoping to go try some new restaurants,” said student counselor Will Hartley. There are many food places to go try.

Number 5: Although break gives students a good week of relaxation, some students still prefer to practice sports. Although the high school basketball season is starting to wrap up, freshmen James Saroney and Nate Rindfuss want to get some shots up over break. “I like to stay home because it’s basketball season, primetime, it’s what I do,” said Saroney.

Numbers 8 & 9:  Although some people like to go out, some prefer to stay inside and be cozy in their house. DDP teacher Sara Brodbeck plans on using her free time to read and find some new music. She also plans on getting some work done, which is something that we all can do.  “I also plan on getting some work done for my classes,” said Brodbeck. Students are also catching up on homework. “I will do homework too, I have a lot of that,” said sophomore Aniket Maini.    

Number 10: The snowy weather in Syracuse is a key feature to living here, and hopping on a sled or skis and enjoying some outdoor activities is a great way to spend time. “I like to go skiing because it’s time-consuming fun,” said freshman Peter Hatton. English teacher Joe DeChick recommends skating and skiing because ”we can’t dictate the weather so mind as well get out and find a way to enjoy (it).”

Number 11: Bonding with family is one of the best ways to spend break. “I like being able to see my relatives who live around here when I don’t (otherwise) have time for them,” said senior John Dominicos. Our families are easy people we can spend break with, since during the busy week, we don't always have a chance to see them.

There are many things to do over break, and you should consider trying one of these 11 things to do. Remember to relax and enjoy your break.