Rambunctious Steps It Up for their Fall 2017 Edition

Chloe Butler, Francesca Chirco, and Everly Kessler

Staff Writers

The Fall 2017 edition of Jamesville-DeWitt High School’s own Rambunctious Literary Magazine is out and available for purchase. The newest edition of the magazine encompasses not only literary pieces, but various art pieces as well, all by J-D students. In fact, the cover of the fall edition is the submission of aspiring photographer senior Everett Moss. The Rambunctious staff encourages both art and literary submissions in order to diversify the content to create a more balanced magazine.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

As print editor, sophomore Will Guisbond is responsible for the design of the cover of the fall edition. Guisbond and his fellow staff members selected Moss’s work for the cover as they believed it supported the club’s new direction of including student artwork into the magazine. “The cover is very eye catching and the style leads us in a new direction,” said junior Sofia Liaw, who is the club leader and print editor.

The magazine includes student artwork, student writing pieces, and even a select bunch of six word stories. “We held our first ever contest for our magazine with the six word story contest,” said Liaw. In order to promote more submissions from J-D students, the staff asked teachers to encourage their students to enter their six-word stories. They then used these entries in order to select the top 10 best to be submitted in the magazine.

The next edition will feature a brand new contest (similar to the six word story contest from the November edition) and a brand new cover design. This edition “will be released sometime in March,” said English teacher and Rambunctious club adviser Matthew Phillips. If you would like your work to be featured in the next edition of the magazine, you can submit your pieces by google forms to jd.litmag.org by March 8 for the 2018 Spring edition.    

The literary magazine also took home countless ESSPA awards, including Gold Medals for All New York Best Literary Magazine for their Winter and Spring 2017 editions and Best New Publication for their online edition. The magazine is growing in popularity, as proved by their many individual and group awards won at the ESSPAs.

If you want to stay updated on the new magazines or just want to receive updates on the club, you can follow the club on Instagram and Twitter, @jdlitmag.