Senior Advice

Katie Tzivanis and Mariyana Van Arsdale

Staff Writers

After four years of Regents tests, Common Core, and late nights studying, the seniors are finally getting ready to graduate. This time has allowed seniors to contemplate what they should have done differently during their time at Jamesville-DeWitt High School, and the situations and classes we wish we had been given advice on.  

Whether it be advice on studying or procrastination, our seniors have the experience to preach on it. “I wish I had known some of these things when I was a freshman, it would have saved me a lot of time and energy,” said senior Cynthia Henchen.

If there is one thing all seniors can agree upon, it’s sleep. “If there is one thing I needed more of these last few years, it’s sleep,” said senior Gabrielle Tanksley. Getting a good amount of sleep is all about time management.

To those students who question whether all of this is worth it, senior Jake Harron has some advice, “Challenge yourself in different fields to find what your true passion is. You have to come to school anyways, you might as well take advantage of it,” said Harron. The students who end up finding their passions early on are the ones who take a wide variety of classes and actually indulge themselves.

“If I never took EDD, I would never have found my love for engineering, now, 3 years later I’m going to Syracuse University to major in civil engineering,” said senior Nate Fathers. Nathan Fathers is a perfect example of someone who took advantage of J-DHS’s course offerings and ended up finding his passion.

Each senior has dealt with this at one time or another, it’s the big bad disease that everyone falls victim to: procrastination. “Do your homework and especially try to do it the day it’s assigned, procrastination will get you nowhere,” said senior Adobea Addo. The pressure of a due date, if time is managed well and homework is done the day it’s assigned, can largely decrease.

As these seniors head off to graduate, they left a little wisdom for all the underclassmen. They should use it wisely, for before they know it they’ll be graduating too.