Holidays At J-DHS

Meghan Evans, Mara Durkin, Zoe Potamianos

Staff Writers

Jamesville-DeWitt High School students and staff are expressing their love for the holidays in many ways this year. From candy surprises to decor in classrooms, the J-DHS community is ready for the holidays.

The J-DHS French Club celebrated Christmas by having a contest of Buche De Noel. Buche De Noel is a traditional  French Christmas cake which looks like a log. The cake looks like a log to represent the tradition of burning logs in a fireplace during the holidays. This contest was judged by the French teachers based on three categories including best taste, most log-like, and most creative.

Teachers in the school are also celebrating these holidays by decorating their classrooms. English teacher Terri Eaton decorates her classroom because she “loves the holidays”. “I think it helps kids get through the day seeing the fun decorations. A lot of students enjoy the happiness and excitement of the decorations,” said Mrs. Eaton. “It puts everyone in the holiday spirit and and in a positive mood,” said senior Markos Petkopoulos. “She has the Jewish corner, the Kwanzaa corner, and a lot of Christmas, so she is accepting all religions and holidays… when I am in there I am happy and feel ready for the christmas season,” said sophomore Janna Vanvranken.

Students are sending their love and appreciation to each other through candy grams. The Spanish club is selling one for 50 cents and two for $1. The profit made from this sale will be donated to the Holy Cross trip to El Salvador. The Bust-A-Move club is also selling candy grams, one for $1. Their profit is going towards breast cancer research. “Everyone is loving the idea of surprising their friends because it makes them smile and gets them ready for the holidays,” said junior Ana Dieroff, member of Bust-A-Move. This is the sixth year that Bust-A-Move is selling candy grams at J-DHS during the holiday season. “The sales are going a lot better than we thought, especially since we are competing against the Spanish club,” says junior Mia Antonucci.