Check Out DeWitt Wegmans' Latest Expansion

Julian Galletta and Harland Kissel

Staff Writers


The Wegmans in Dewitt has expanded even more. They have moved the sandwich bar and coffee station, and added a Mexican bar and drink station. The original buffets and the more recent Burger Bar are still in the same place. These new expansions to the well known store have attracted many new customers, and older customers are returning for a new experience.

Max Chirco, a junior, has enjoyed the expansion very much, but says it has come with some costs. “I feel like they are trying to over-do themselves, and they are just doing too much with the expansion,” he said. But when we asked him about his favorite foods, he said, “The maple bacon onion burger is the best thing in the world, I want to marry that burger, and I love the seasoned herb fries.” Senior Owen Farchione also doesn’t like the expansion very much. “Now it’s all about trying to make profit, it just doesn’t feel as homey anymore.”

There is a lot more space for people to shop and eat now at Wegmans, because the store is now spread out, although the amount of customers coming to the store has also increased. “Wegmans is more efficient now, because they have hired a couple more people since they’ve expanded,” said junior Jakob Ellithorpe. “The part where you actually shop is the same, but once you get over to the deli area and where they have the already-made food, then it’s a lot more crowded,” said freshman Elena Fitzgerald.

With these new additions to Wegmans, there have been many conflicting opinions among the shoppers and diners. Overall, many new and old customers agree that Wegmans has improved and become one of the best places to get a meal or to get your groceries. It has definitely changed its original look to a more complex, attracting look, but the customers seem to like it a lot. The Wegman family will be making more and more profit as countless amounts of customers will now be entering Wegmans not only to shop, but to have a bite to eat.