The Lion King Roars its way into Syracuse

Johnny Keib and Tanner Burns

Staff Writers

On Oct. 27, the award-winning Broadway show “The Lion King” came to the city of Syracuse. Human actors bring the Disney cartoon to life through masks, costumes, and puppets set against a backdrop of African cultures.

Everyone that saw the musical raved about how good it was. The majority of students and teacher’s favorite scene was the famous opening act. This is where every performer goes down the aisles in full costume and up on the stage for the scene “The Circle Of Life.” “I personally got chills, it was really great and very emotional,” said junior Chloe Loewenguth. Senior Griffin Cook thought the opening scene was great, but he did have one complaint. It was not about the show, it was the theater itself. “I really wished that I had more leg-room,” said Cook.

Syracuse itself might seem like an odd place to host a Broadway play, but according to a story on News Channel Nine it was specifically chosen for the show. The people in charge wanted to scale down the original Broadway musical. They thought the Landmark Theater was the right place because of its smaller features.  This version of “The Lion King” is also touring other theaters around the country.

Costumes resemble characters very well during all Broadway performances. However, the task for the makeup artists and costume designers is even more challenging for this show because they have to transform humans into the animal characters they play. Despite the challenge, in “The Lion King” they did such a good job that it caught the eye of many people in the audience. “The attention to every single detail was amazing,” said science teacher Rich Adler. Sophomore Amirah Britt also agreed that the costumes were amazing.

Even though the “The Lion King” has come and gone in Syracuse, even though it will be back again and it will probably bring a sell out crowd. The actors gave the J-DHS staff members and students who saw it an unforgettable experience.