SPARK trip to NYC

Mara Durkin, Meghan Evans, and Zoe Potamianos

Staff Writers       



For the first time in three years the Jamesville-DeWitt High School musical group Spark went on an overnight trip to New York City from Sept. 20- Sept. 21. Spark adviser Beth Quackenbush put together a brief trip for her students so they could work with Broadway stars on Broadway and so take their performances to the next level.

There is a lot to do in the city, and the 30 Spark musicians took advantage of that to have as much fun as possible while still performing and working hard. Students had dinner the night they arrived, then saw the Broadway musical Miss Saigon. They worked in the studio the next day with performer Travis Ward-Osborn from Miss Saigon to improve their performance. After that, they explored the city.

Senior Nick Kuci enjoyed the musical; “it was amazing. It was probably one of the most visually appealing shows I’ve ever seen, which had an actual helicopter in the show.” The chorus officers, junior Hayley Quackenbush, senior Markos Petkopoulos, sophomore Alex Yoo, senior Catherine Cargian, junior Sam Burton, and senior Jeremy Wells picked the show Miss Saigon because they knew it was an emotional show and it had really good reviews. All of the students enjoyed not only the show, but the city in general. “It was really fun. We learned a lot and the show was a great experience,” said senior Kellen Mulvihill.

Mrs. Quackenbush used to bring her students every October to New York City but recently stopped doing it. She decided to do it again this year so the Spark musicians could work on Broadway with Broadway stars. “It just takes us to the next level,” said Mrs. Quackenbush. She also thinks it’s important to take a group of kids who need to perform together on a trip because they get to “spend time and bond together as a group.” Sophomore Pranathi Adhikari also agrees with Mrs. Quackenbush.  “It was really fun because we all bonded and we also got to work on our music so it made us a better group and our performances are going to be better now,” said Adhikari.