J-DHS Survives The Mountain Goat

by Jillian Risavi and Olivia Byrnes

Editors of Production

On the chilly Sunday, May 1, Jamesville-DeWitt High School students and staff herded together and ran the Mountain Goat 10 mile run. For many, this was the first time they had ever run this hilly race, but there were also many who returned after last year and ran again.

English teacher Courtney Romeiser has participated in this race multiple times throughout her running career. She enjoys seeing the J-DHS students, staff and alumni running the hills. “We represent J-D well,” she said.  As with many, her motivation to continue running the race mainly comes from training with her friends and fellow J-DHS community members. “It’s one of my favorite runs, but definitely one of the most challenging,” said Ms. Romeiser.

This year J-DHS senior Kim Walsh placed first in her age group and finished with a time of 1:21.17. “Being in season gave me an advantage, but I didn’t think that I would be able to run as fast as I did. I did well and I’m happy with my time,” said Walsh. Along with Walsh, seniors Andrew Comanici and Connor Evans placed fourth and fifth in their age groups, respectively. Despite Evans’ excellent ranking he didn’t think he was “adequately prepared, I thought that running at track would prepare me enough,” said Evans. However, seniors Anna Pluff and Ashley Lawless trained together and ran the time that they trained for. “I never felt like I was pushing myself too hard,” said Lawless.  

J-DHS’s representation didn’t end there, Math teacher Charles Clinton, English Teacher Diane Rushford, and Special Education teachers Margaret Burton and Jenn James ran the daunting hills as well. Mrs. Burton trained early mornings before school and focused on speed and hill training. “I was nervous this year because I didn’t run as much distance in training, but I felt that it was a strong race for me,” said Mrs. Burton. Mrs. James loves the Mountain Goat because she thinks it's a great community race and loves to see her kids on the sides cheering everyone on.

The weather was a huge element for the race. Many racers commented on how in past years, the weather was typically warmer, as spring is rolling around. However, this year was different. The damp and cold weather had temperatures that varied from the mid 40s to low 50s. Some racers didn’t mind the colder, rainy weather, as they thought it was a little bit easier to run in than in the warmer temperatures past years. “The rain was refreshing by the end of the race,” said Evans. Others found the weather to be a burden; “the conditions were awful, (so) it was not the most pleasant run,” said Mrs. Burton. What to wear was also an issue. The day warmed up as the race progressed, so racers had to discard layers. Mrs. James even passed her sweatshirt off to her family cheering her on from the sidewalk.

Despite the rainy weather and 10 miles of hills, all the J-DHS runners thought that this year's Mountain Goat was a success. “It was my first time this year and I will probably do it again next year, (because) it was a fun experience,” said Lawless.