We Survived: It's Spring Break!

AJ Ortega and Tim Skeval

Staff Writers



It’s been a long nine weeks for Jamesville-DeWitt High School students and staff but break has finally arrived and so has the nice weather. “It’s going to be really nice outside so I’m going to spend a lot of time outside,” said junior Gavin French. Whether by plane or car, some students will be getting away to enjoy their break.


This year, students travelling by plane are going all sorts of place. Sophomore Zion Alex will be travelling with her sister to Kansas for five days. “I’m excited to get a break from school,” said Alex. Health teacher Melissa Moore will be in sunny Mexico for break. Freshman Hunter Ball is also going south, to St. Thomas, which is off the coast of Puerto Rico. “I'm happy because I don't have track at all so I can enjoy my break,” said Ball.  


Some people have decide to save money and the hassle of going by plane and are using a car to reach their vacation destination. “We’re going to Duck, N.C. by car,” said Spanish teacher Michael O’Brien. The trip will take about 11 hours but the drive will be “worth it,” said Mr. O’Brien. Freshman Sammer Essi will be going to New York City to see family. “I’m not going to like that six hour ride,” said Essi.


Some athletes had to cancel trips to attend practices and games. “I could have been is sunny Florida, but instead I have to be here playing baseball,” said freshman Mateo Santos. Freshman Bobby Galusha and sophomore Anthony Ciccone also had to cancel trips because of baseball. However, French, who also plays baseball, would “rather be outside playing baseball than going on a trip.” It isn’t just the athletes that have to stay home for break because of sports. Assistant Varsity Boys Lacrosse coach and physical education teacher Jeff Ike will not be going anywhere for break because he made a promise to the lacrosse team to be there for them. “Varsity is a big commitment. You have to be willing to sacrifice time like breaks to play,” said Coach Ike.


Many people prefer to spend their break at home so they can sit back and relax and not worry about school. “I’d rather stay home and do work outside then travel somewhere for break,” said freshman Hunter Matthes. Others, like sophomore Winston Franklin and senior Taylor Peters, will spend their break inside playing video games and hanging with friends.

A nine day break is what some students needed although it might not be long enough for some. “It’s a perfect length,” said Mr. O’Brien.  Peters believes the break is “just the right length” and that she “can't complain” about it. Although, students like Galusha would like the break to be longer. Whether they are traveling or staying home, all students are going to enjoy this much needed break from school. After break, there are only 31 days of school remaining until summer break, which starts June 14.