Holiday Hype at J-DHS

Alex Pomeroy and Connor Ball

Staff Writers

While the first half of the year is wrapping up, the students and faculty of Jamesville-DeWitt High School eagerly await the holiday season. J-DHS students were forced to impatiently wait until winter break during the four weeks separating Thanksgiving break and Winter break. Now that the break and holidays are here, the students agree that the holidays is the time of cherishing precious moments with the ones you love most.

The holiday seasons is known as a time of receiving many gifts and spending time with family. However, many students also spend time giving back to the community. “It’s Christmas time and it’s important to give back to people who don’t have the same opportunities,” said sophomore Ana Dieroff who volunteers at the Salvation Army. “If you have the time, go out of your way and volunteer,” said senior Tate Horan who spends his free time tutoring kids at Ed Smith.

The Holiday season is not more about the presents you receive yet what you do to give back to the community. “I volunteer at PetSmart, and I work for the cats, finding them good homes, taking them off the street and giving them a good place to stay,” said junior Milena Romano. Freshman Haberle Conlon has an inspirational view on volunteering; “it’s really the experience that matters and giving back to the community is a feeling that is awarding.”

The holiday season thrives on family traditions newly made and ones that have been around for decades. “The night before Christmas my family always sings the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas,’ and my sister and I always wake up early in the middle of the night to go check the presents,” said senior Nikki O’Hara. Not everyone’s traditions include singing songs; for junior Mary Austin it’s making Christmas cookies every year with her family. Austin enjoys Christmas with her family while everyone is happy and hanging out together.

Trying to fulfill every tradition and spend time with family has never been so hard to fit in. This year, the holiday break was shortened to seven days opposed to nine days last year. Students are frustrated for the new change. Voicing their frustration for the shortened break, junior Sarah Pritts said “I’m disappointed, because we used to have longer breaks.” Pritts says she would spend more time with her family, and freshman Ethan Jaglal thinks we should have more time off for such an important time of the year.

J-DHS is preparing to celebrate many holidays in the upcoming weeks, the most celebrated being Christmas on Dec. 25 and Hanukkah beginning on Dec. 24. With students creating hefty wish lists it’s inevitable there will be empty wallets. Junior Somil Aggarwal is hoping for “money, lots of it.” Unlike Aggarwal, freshman Abby Morgan said “I want a Northface jacket, new Converse, and a makeup palette.”

From the JD Rampage, have a happy and safe holiday!