Seniors Snap Their Yearbook Pictures One Last Time

Tracey Edson and Katie Cappelletti

Staff Writers

Senior pictures are important to many students because they mark the beginning of the end. “Taking my senior pictures makes me sad because it marks my final year at JD,” said senior Ryan Collins. Collins has enjoyed his four years at Jamesville-Dewitt High School and will miss it.

J-DHS, like many other schools, require headshots to meet a certain criteria to be in the yearbook. The students had guidelines to follow, however they didn’t have to wear a specific attire. They could not have props and it was suggested that they use a blue or black background.

Students had their headshots taken by many different professional photographers. Some of the photographers that people used were Fernando Photography, Beach Photography, Parker Stone, Sauro Photography, John Farnach, and John Carnessali.

Along with taking headshots for the yearbook some had their photographers take seperate pictures to make the memories last forever. These photographers had great ideas to help each senior. “He (Joanthan Beach) told me what to do so that the pictures would look good and it made me feel famous,” said senior Sophia Dimkopoulos.

Some senior athletes chose to take these pictures in their uniform with their sports gear. “I took pictures with my baseball bat and glove,” said senior Casey Kretsch. Senior captain on the girls soccer team, Alex Epifani said, “I wore my J-D jersey, shorts, and socks.”

Senior quotes become a hot topic around this time of the year. Students used quotes from TV shows, movies, and the Internet. Some were humorous, some seniors chose quotes based on senior year or quotes that they felt were related to them. “I feel that mine related to my morals and values,” said senior Isabella Buddelman.

While taking senior pictures and choosing quotes are fun things to do, some students are sad to see this great time coming to a close. “It made me very emotional and I’m sad to be leaving my friends and teammates,” said Epifani.