J-D's Force Awakens

Tim Skeval, AJ Ortega, Taku Laclair                    

Staff Writers


    In a theatre not so far far away, one of the most beloved movie series makes its return to the big screen. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has been the most anticipated movie since the first official trailer came out in June. Jamesville-Dewitt High School students and teachers have already made plans to see the movie. The movie premieres Thursday Dec. 17, but in many places tickets have been sold out for months. “Star Wars” is the third most successful movie franchise in the world, according to “The Numbers,” raking in over $4 billion in sales in its 38 years of existence. The movie connects with students and teachers at J-DHS, intertwining generations with its storytelling.            


    Many J-DHS students and teachers, like sophomores Nico Modesti and Markos Petkopoulos, are excited about the movie. The excitement is almost uncontrollable. Petkopoulos is excited to see an actual set and costumes like in the original movies. The prequels to the originals mostly used computer generated imagery. Similar to Petkopoulos, Modesti is excited for the new CGI technology and how they incorporate it in the film. Junior Tommy Bonaccio and sophomore Katie Lutz are looking forward to seeing the new cast members in action.


As with many other movies, fans have a favorite character. Many J-DHS students have a common favorite. “Han Solo is definitely my favorite because of his interesting personality,” said Bonaccio. Han Solo is also the favorite of freshmen Pat Murad and Sahil Seth. Petkopoulos jokingly added that “(Han) shot first,” in the iconic bar scene with bounty hunter Greedo which is why Han is his favorite. Others look to the Jedi. “I really like Obi-Wan Kenobi because he is a good role model,” said Modesti. Kenobi is also admired by social studies teacher Andrew Cottet. “He is a classic hero, a clear example of what it means to be a Jedi,” said Cottet, “but I also like Darth Vader. I was him for six Halloweens in a row.” Lutz chose the younger Jedi: Luke Skywalker is “definitely” her favorite.


Now with the new release of “The Force Awakens” there are seven Star Wars movies. Everyone is going to have their favorite and least favorite and many students agree with each other. Lutz, Murad, Seth and Bonaccio all said by far their favorite was “Return of the Jedi”. Mr. Cottet, Modesti and Petkopoulos concur saying their favorite was “Empire Strikes Back.” It is unknown where “The Force Awakens” will end up on these lists.