Number 847 in the Country, Number 1 in Our Hearts

Jillian Risavi and Zachary Marji

Assistant Editor of Promotion and Staff Writer

Jamesville-DeWitt High School is ranked number 847 out of 21,000 schools nationwide, according to the U.S. News and World Report. According to NewsWeek, J-DHS is number 252 out of the top 500 high schools in America. There are a multitude of other websites that show different rankings for J-DHS, but no matter what numbers are associated with J-DHS, students have pride in their school.

Diversity. Some students think that one word can explain why J-DHS has such a high rank. “I really think it is the diversity of the students, the foreign exchange (program), the diverse culture and clubs that make it so great here,” said senior Jesse Johnson. Junior Tate Horan agrees with Johnson. “We have a lot of different people interested in a lot of different things,” said Horan. Library aide Bill Cotterill believes that J-DHS is so great due to the school’s extra-curricular activities. Cotterill also thought that the school’s rotary exchange, second language classes, special education teachers and outside-of-class help that teachers offer, are some things that raise J-DHS’s standards. Cotterill classified J-DHS as “pluralistic” and that “teamwork builds J-DHS’s foundation.” Despite the minor obstacles students find in the school, the majority still believes our school is well-deserving of the rank we received.

Sports are another aspect that explain our high rankings. The sectional titles and state championships earned by the student-athletes at J-DHS prove that J-DHS has a strong athletic program. Math teacher Charles Clinton believes the school’s good ranking came from the community. “Students come to J-DHS very well prepared and motivated. We’ve created a culture with administration and teachers that expect excellence,” said Mr. Clinton.

Principal Paul Gasparini is having a high school data team use the ranking information to determine what good things J-DHS is doing that are putting them so high on all the boards. The school will also be able to see what gaps there are in the system, or “things that we might be able to improve,” said Mr. Gasparini. This way, teaching strategies can be improved to make the  school’s education more effective. Mr. Gasparini says he is doing his best to give students the best education possible by providing them with as many opportunities as he can.

“Just as Mr. Gasparini says, we’re number one.” says senior Tyler McKee.