The Great Pizza War

By Joe Morgan

Staff Writer


There are three leading pizza companies in the hearts of Jamesville-Dewitt High School students: Mario and Salvo’s in Dewitt, Robbie T’s in Jamesville, and Johnny's Pizza in Syracuse.

After polling 75 students at J-DHS, Mario and Salvo’s has been chosen as the go-to pizza place in town. It’s popularity comes from their pizza quality, and because its competitor's pizza just can't match up. Junior Sammy Jaffe said that what set Mario and Salvo’s pizza apart from the competition was their “fantastic buffalo chicken pizza.” Juniors Riley Hornstein and Lexi Hale also love the buffalo chicken pizza from Mario’s, and believe it is the “most addicting thing on earth.” Although Mario’s makes great pizza, it is also the top choice because some students think Robbie T’s falls short. “Although Robbie is a good guy, his pizza is a little hard, and tasteless,” said senior Hamza Khatib; “his food is great, but Mario’s pizza is just the bomb.”  Junior Sam Diamond said he doesn't choose Robbie T’s because he can’t digest cardboard very well.

An additional reason why Mario’s might have taken the win is its proximity to kids at J-DHS. Mario’s location, at the corner of Jamesville Rd and East Genesee Street, makes it a perfect place for both kids who live in the Fayetteville, Boulder Heights and Moses Dewitt area to get their pizza fix. “I live really close to the high school, and Mario’s is the only place close enough and good enough for my family to agree on,” said junior Marion Maxwell. This was the case for most of the Mario’s fans, especially for their self-proclaimed, number-one fan, junior Dom DeRegis. “Best pizza and only pizza I eat, plus it’s not too far of a drive,” said DeRegis.

Some students, like Johnny’s pizza fan junior Riley Foti, agree that each shop has equally good pizza. “I guess it (Johnny’s) has just always been my favorite because it’s what I grew up with,” said Foti; “it’s my parents favorite, so it’s what I always get.” Some students like Foti prefer their respected pizza shops over others, because they are sentimental. Junior Ryan Buck said he grew up with Robbie’s pizza, and that is the reason he goes there, not because it tastes any better than other places. Senior Kayvon Anderson likes Robbie T’s pizza because of the impact he has on his community. “I like how he sponsors JDYAA Little League teams, and gives the football team free food after wins. He is a great guy,” said Anderson.