Students Stay healthy this season

Lizzy Smith

Staff Writer

This fall season has brought an outbreak of the common cold and some cases of mono at Jamesville-DeWitt High School. The best treatment for the common cold is to get enough sleep and drink lots of water, but not much can be done to help it other than just letting it run its course. Students with the common cold should still attend school even though they may not feel well.

Heather Cavalluzzi, the school nurse at J-DHS says students should stay home from school if they have vomited or had a fever in the past 24 hours. Students should also stay home for 24 hours after taking a new antibiotic. Other than staying home, one way to prevent others from getting sick is to sneeze into an elbow instead of a hand. Washing hands is also important, especially after Christmas break and before February break. Ms. Cavalluzzi said that is the time most students get sick.

The nurse’s office does not only deal with common illnesses.  Students can go to the nurse’s office about anxiety, depression, sports injuries, pregnancy, drugs, alcohol, and more. Ms. Cavalluzzi said, “Anything that has to do with the body, I’ve probably dealt with it.” The nurse’s office is always open during school hours so students can stop by whenever they do not feel well or have questions.